They Didn't Think I Could Teach My
8 Year Old Son How To Write, But Then
They Read His First Book...

I taught writing to fifth graders for several years and thought I knew exactly how to teach writing to my own kids...until I discovered IEW and a method to teach writing easily and successfully. 

IEW helped...

  • my 8 year old son write his own book

  • my 10 & 12 year old daughters write the entire way home from Houston one Friday afternoon.

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Kerry Beck Helps
Moms Teach Writing
To Their Kids

Have you ever thought to yourself any of these questions???
Running out of time to "do" school?
  Save yourself time by using our ideas to integrate writing into other subject areas. Why plan 2 lessons when you can combine them?
Hard to juggle a different activity for EACH of your children?
  Our activities can be easily used with different ages and together as a family or class
Weak in writing yourself???
  We take parents like youby the hand who are weak in writing themselves.
Tried lots of other curricula that doesn't work and wanted to pull your hair out???
  Pull all the loose ends together after you've tried all those other courses.
Tired of general ideas with out all the specifics?
  Get Specific activities you can use the day you receive a lesson in your email box.  Get Clear, Concise, Concrete directions

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